Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Fast Money brush with glory $GOOG

19mar - looks like Joe Terranova took his loss on the $GOOG short via his tweet today "did take the loss on $GOOG on friday"

orginal post.
As you are aware i am now officially a big shot since my tweet was covered on the Fast Money web extra on 22feb.... heres the link

but enough about me, lets see what we are talking about, Jumping Joe Terranova made short $GOOG his final trade last thursday, stock closed at about 606. Ill cut joe some slack since it looked like his comments were off the cuff on the web extra, but lets keep track of how it does. Wednesday 23feb on FM lunch he said he actually put the trade on today..612 i believe it was vs actually putting on the trade following previous weeks show. Personally i think his stop of 630ish mentioned on web extra is a little far away..hench my question of if breaking 50day to upside would be reason to close for loss. ive posted previously that pull back to low 590s or break of 50day will get me looking at possible spread entries.