Sunday, November 4, 2012

did you prepare for the hurricane or blow it off?

since it seems that all the white folks living in northeast have never experienced a hurricane before and didnt take minimal steps necessary to prepare like the authorities said, we will use my house as an example... your house floating away is one thing, but suffering because you have no power, no food and no gasoline is another

didnt stockpile enough food beforehand thinking you would just pick some up later? look at all those protein drinks

low carb protein drink 4packs, rows of tuna on the left
more protein drinks, bottled water
did you see all the footage of those poor saps standing in line looking for gas (hint: you need to have the gas BEFORE the storm hits.. the gas stations will likely not have power either to run the pumps). i have 20 5-gallon jugs..i keep five full all the time and when a storm comes this way i take the truck and fill up the rest. if we dont lose power i just pour it into the gas tank of the cars. have generator and a backup generator to the back up generator. (dont forget to get 3-4 50ft extension cords..long enough to reach your refrigerator, TV, and portable AC)
couple of cool things to get that i have but did not need to use during hurricane Ike and 6 day power outage:

- plastic cord and bag of clothes pins in case i needed to hang wet laundry in backyard
- a siphon pump  - so you can suck the gas out of your car and put into jugs if it comes to that.. i drove around after the storm and saw some doofus had one end of his garden hose stuffed down the gas nozzle of his car and was trying to suck the gas out with his mouth..good luck with that. got mine at walmart
get an electric skillet to cook with using your generator. if you have a BBQ grill, fill up the propane and get 1-2 extra full cylanders.. this was 5years ago before i was super lowcarb but i was eating bacon, eggs, and pancakes on my skillet and grilling up steaks in my garage on the BBQ. i ate better after the storm than i did before. get a power strip if you dont have one so when you run the generator you can recharge mutiple cell phones at once

if you are going to get a generator , get a portable AC as well, store it in the back of closet till you need it..unless you enjoy 100degree weather..mine looks similar to this..i call it R2D2..has wheels on the bottom
you spend so much money on either beer, cigarettes, starbucks, and other nonesense.. how about spending some of it to prepare yourself and your family to survive a storm.. im not talking about if your house gets ripped off its foundation im talking about what most people have happen to them and thats loss of power. did you see that footage of people climbing thru piles of garbage looking for food? could be you

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