Friday, April 6, 2012

$NFLX chart and setup 4/9/2012

11apr - getting close to filling the gap from last earnings.earnings in 2 weeks though. will be no entry for me until after, if at all, have a few others i feel better about. no good level to shoot against as support for credit put can see the purple 200day moving average just now getting in the picture, way up there near 143..just be a watcher on this one.

6apr - still having a hard time getting back into this name. earnings are 23april so no entry till after for a may credit put spread..really want a pullback to fill that gap from last earnings near 96ish.. if earnings takes us there the only levels im comfortable shooting against is all the way down to 65 support level...that might be too far away to get decent premium but will keep on watch list anyway. setting inital alert for 100 to get on radar.