Friday, April 6, 2012

$FFIV setup and chart 4/9/2012

holding pattern for me till earnings on april 18, few days before opex. couple of levels im watching for if there is some type of B.S. selloff (B.S. selloff is when earnings are good, guidance is good but some metric is focused on that margins are 61.1% instead of 61.5% expected)
   will first be looking for a pullback to test the old resistence becomes support line near 130 which matches up to the 50day.. testing and holding would look at credit put spreads at/below the march low near 120. if for some reason it breaks thru that then will look for it to hold that same 120 support line and price out spreads at/below the 200day near 105. so wait and see what earnings bring, initial alert for 131 to get on radar.

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