Tuesday, September 18, 2012

closing the trade and new setup: $FFIV credit put spread entry

20 Oct - with stock closing near 95, this credit spread expired at full profit of Oct opex. with earnings on 24th, id like to see a pullback to test the 90 level, might get lucky and still have some premium at/below the 70 level.. will also look at a cheap put fly or put calender for an earnings play.


18 sep - better to be lucky than good. stock was breaking out in a.m. yesterday and i entered into the Oct 85/90 credit put spreads at .52 credit. keeping the short strike right at the bottom of the channel, 84%probability of max profit at opex. big move today. 112ish is some resistance from the 200 day.. might look to condor this position if it tags the 200day and can not break thru