Friday, September 28, 2012

Book reviews and the Zero Dark Thirty bin Laden movie

The Bin Laden movie is coming out in a few days from the director of The Hurt Locker so wanted to add my two cents, below are my previous comments about No Easy Day. There is another decent book from the author of Black Hawk Down, its "The Finish"

if you are only able to read one book prior to seeing the movie, then No Easy Day is far supirior. The Finish focuses more on the background of Bin Laden and the Obama administration with only the final 10% of the book talking about the actual raid. Confirms what i already knew that almost anything coming out of the White House Press office is bullshit and Mark Bowden points out. so long story short its an ok read but if you are more interested in the actual raid, read the book from a guy that was actually on the raid. looking forward to seeing the movie.

just wanted to make a few comments about the book "No Easy Day" since i just finished reading it in one day. picked it up at library yesterday and finished it up today. first off, that B.S. you read and heard about the author disclosing classified or sensitive information is just that .. B.S. .. there is no classified information in the book.  i wonder if the critics and media even read it.
    having read several other book written by SEALS i was expecting the usual first half of the book to be about BUDS, their childhood, etc and then at the tail end it gets to the good stuff about some of their missions. not so on this one, gets right into it in the first chapter then backtracks to some previous missions he has been on and some of the requirements of getting selected to even get into SEAL team 6 and finishes up with a great play by play of the Osama raid by great diagrams of the target house. i remember the initial news reports in the first few days and as usual the reporters have no clue what they are talking about. bottom line its one of those books you want to read where you get started, cant put it down, and when you look up its 3 hours later. if you are also a veteran or just interested in the SEALS its a great read.