Monday, July 30, 2012

Closing the $aapl credit put spread entry

31 july - using the rule of that if a credit put spreads gains 40-50% in 1-3 days i take profits, with the objective of possiblly reinitiating the same spread on a pullback.. plenty of time left for Aug opex for a reentry.stock is up $15 since entry.

Buy to close the Aug560/565 credit put spread at .32


30 july - aaple up nearly 30points since earnings.. stock has rebounded and everyone loves it again with news about possible iphone5 release in sep. , friday stock closed back above 50day and continued the move up today filling the gap from earnings.. with that i looked at new credit put spreads for Aug:

Sell to open the Aug560/565 credit put spreads at .65

the 570ish level lines up with some support from before earnings and was also the max level the bears could take the stock down on earnings, so my spread is right under that level... at time of entry Trademonster analyze tab showed the spread to have an 82%probability of max profit at opex.

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