Thursday, July 19, 2012

$GOOG strategy and trade

havent had a position in a while. strong move today prior to earnings. with the stock split apparently not happening until oct im more comfortable trading this again. i added a weekly/aug 620 call calender for earnings today. if for some reason GOOG sells off, 560 area has been solid support for months. GOOG has been a good one to fade the move the past few if my upside call is wrong and it has some silly selloff..ideally id like to get credit put spreads under 500. not very likely though. i would assume that the 560 area holds again.. will see what option prices look like tomorrow though. if i go with credit put spreads will have to use the .20 delta as guideline since the only good support level to shoot against is that low near 475.  also a big selloff would be a good opportunity to look at getting into some 2014 Leaps.

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