Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Options Education - Early Exercise parts 1 and 2

a two part audio podcast from the Options Industry council talking about the early exercise of options:

Part 1 --> Part 1 audio 12minutes
Podcast Objective:
OIC Instructor Marty Kearney and Jeff Huddleston of the OIC Help Desk speak with host Joe Burgoyne about what investors need to understand about Early Exercise. Topics covered on the show include reasons why Early Exercise may happen and how it can impact American-style options versus European-style options.

Part 2 --> Part 2 audio 13 minutes
Podcast Objective:
Host Joe Burgoyne continues his conversation on Early Exercise with Jeff Huddleston of the OIC Help Desk and OIC Instructor Marty Kearney by discussing the early exercise of puts and the level of randomness that takes place in the early assignment process.

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