Monday, March 5, 2012

new $AAPL setup 8mar

pretty similar to the previous levels i was looking at.. after taking profits earlier on some spreads i am looking for the following, had the 2 days of selloff this week, ipad 3 buy rumor sell news B.S. , so nowwill use that level to shoot against for an entry. low during that panic was 516ish i believe so if stock pulls back to near that area (doesnt have to be to the penny, use the fat crayon method) then will look again at the strikes below the 485 support line. the 50day MA is approaching quickly so might want to look under that as well. initial alert at 530 to get it on my radar. Trademonster lets you "save" an order along left side of screen and one-click it to send it to market so i have an order worked up as well