Monday, March 26, 2012

Dennis Gartmans newletter and my comments

Dennis Gartman is frequent contributor on CNBC / Fast Money. He is widely followed on the street. I find his on air appearances lately to be double talk about his positions, trying to justify why he bought or sold a position.

You can get a 30day free trial subscription of his newsletter (no credit card needed), click here The Gartman Letter

His pricing is a crazy $400 a month..yes, a month. His analysis covers, currencies, politics, energy, agriculture, japan/china. But what he doesnt do which i would expect for a $400 a month clip is to recommend stocks..sticks to generalisms.. "i am long a fertilizer company, i am long a shipper" type comments. Gets repetative

I would not pay $10 a month for this but check it out for free.