Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few comments about "Against the Herd" by steve cortes

bottom line upfront.. i dont recommend you buy the Steve Cortes book "Against the Herd". the only reason to read some or parts of the book are to get more analysis on one of his 6 dont buy gold, or china is going lower, etc. if you need another viewpoint on one of those subjects for your own research for a trade then its ok, but as usual id recommend to pick it up at the library.

There are no secret techniques for trades if thats what you are looking for. also as you have seen on cnbc steve very frequently adds silly metaphors when trying to make a point..the "if you want to pick bottoms, try J-Lo or Coco instead" type comments. Those are used so much in his book it gets to the point of being annoying, almost get one per page.

i like cortes because i appreciate a rational contrarian thesis but spending $20 on the book for a repeat of what hes said on TV is not recommended. I wasnt able to finish the library copy, read first section, thumbed thru the rest.