Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New $AAPL setup 19mar

comments below chart

new setup for 19 mar after this weeks trading. there is a gap down to about 568 that needs to get filled. previous breakout thru resistence ie new high was near 550 last week. best case entry for me would be a pullback first to fill this gap and then all the way down to test that breakout near 550. if that happens i will look to enter credit put spreads that are at/below the low was 516.. i have previously traded the 510/515 Apr credit put spreads and have these spreads in my Trademonster saved que for quick reference. with all the movement recently the volititly is up (the premiums are juiced) so would expect to get at least $1.00 credit for this $5 wide spread. If Apple moves down rapidly..say 10-20 dollars either by itself or with general market selloff i may pull trigger early to take advantage of the short term spike in IV and premium..maybe with a half size position.