Saturday, May 19, 2012

CLOSING the June $AAPL credit put spreads

15jun - this credit spread will be expiring at max profit today, that 520ish support level held for rest of month. initial entry was 10lot, added 5more next day. for $825win

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23 may -  added to this position today:

Sold the Jun515/520 credit put spreads at .75

22may -  got a bit of a follow thru day today that i was looking for as of the time of this trade. doesnt mean it cant reverse and go back down of course. so today entered into:

Sold the Jun 515/520 credit put spreads at .55

Trademonster analyse tab shows this to be 88% probability of max profit.

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21 may - breaking the fat crayon downtrend today. if you are highly disciplined, wait for a followup day tomorrow before entering long via credit put spreads. but still keep spreads at/below the 515ish level


19 may -still making lower lows lower highs. looks like its headed to test that low from march near 515. would hold off on new entries till this trend changes. once the trend changes you will have a good level to shoot against for any new credit put spreads.

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  1. What is a CREDIT PUT SPREAD

    1. credit put spread - sell the 520, buy the 515...for a put spread