Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/16 update - AAPL entry from yesterday 5/1/2012

16may - with aaple playing chicken with my short strike 2 days before opex, took the opportunity to the credit spread down and out to June, gives me 30more days. Rolled the spread to the Jun 535/540 credit put spread..rolled for small gained a few cents..lowered the strikes by $10...might add call credit spreads to make an iron condor at later date.


1may - yesterday afternoon entered into new credit put spreads based on previous setups.. quickly that was a test of the 50day..did so quickly after market open and then again in last hour. spread to be at/below the 555 low from last week. Trademonster analyse tab showed this spread to have 81% probability of max profit.

Sold May 545/550 credit put spreads at .70 credit