Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Did you lose money with @TraderFlorida today? $AAPL

heres what @traderflorida did and heres what you did today with AAPL based on the tweets/videos i saw:

1. TF mentioned he was short in 560's
2. TF mentions he is adding to shorts at 555ish
3. You see that tweet and since you have limited buying power you bought some puts
4. stock goes above 565
5. you and dozens of others tweet TF asking if he covered.
6. TF doesnt tweet exits despite having time to make videos, answer every tweet / question directed at him from 14000 followers
7. TF makes video and tweets "never let winning trade turn into a loser" , forgest to mention the block from 555, doesnt have time to mention what price he covered at either,  makes another video, adds Ha, Ha, Ha to video and says will reshort in low 570's
8. You actually were fortunate enough to catch that video before market close because someone retweeted it.(you didnt see it directly because he blocked you for asking if he covered)
9. You now sell your puts at a loss since stock is 12points higher from his "added to shorts at 555" tweet
10. You caught the video really late right before close about how TF is short again in low 570's and you go ahead and rebuy some puts.
11. TF makes ANOTHER video after hours and says he covered after hours..says covered, not took a loss of course, and thinks stock will go higher
12. You see that video and go "FUCK!!!", because you just rebought those puts and now market is closed
13. TF tweets he made money
14. You tweet you lost money

so is that about how is happened for you today. do you feel dirty? remember what B'Rabbit said in 8mile..."no such thing as halfway crooks" ... no such thing as half transparency . those that have been on twitter for a while can cite example after example of scenario's like this..NFLX comes to mind.. recommendation..use his charts as another tool in your toolbox, dont hang on every word


  1. Trader lories lies about his trades if he has any money at all. He direct messages you with mean, condescending words and if you question him he blocks you. I have caught him in so many lies that I actually started marking the time of day and what the price was at that time. Did thiis for a long time without him knowing. Never called him out in front of his minions but he is a tremendous "story teller" when it comes to his actual trades. He also reads @peak theories, who is very good, and copies what she says. Totally not a trustworthy person.

  2. TF always make money and never lose any money, EVER. What a joke.

  3. Yeah, that's kinda how it went. Needless to say, big grain of salt from now on.

  4. You deserve to lose money if you follow anyone word for word. He has lost money before and he has mentioned them in older videos.

  5. From what I see he lies about his trades. Never makes a loss? that's a joke, every trader worth his salt makes a loss from time to time at the very least. I remember seeing one video where he said he was short. but opened up a long in the same stock in another account. wtf? how is that a trading strategy? ...may as well place a bet on red and black on the roulette table...enough said about his ability/advice as a trader.

    I think he enjoys having lots of people follow him and loves the attention. maybe he doesn't get enough in his private life... I say this because he goes on about his life in most videos...where he goes on holiday what he is doing on the weekend? who cares?
    I don't see anyone else posting chart analysis talk about themselves so much.
    I've never followed his trades because I don't believe you should follow people blindly, all the information anyone else has you have so its upto you to interpret it and make a decision. two people can look at the same chart and think its going to go in different directions.

    right that's my rant over... good luck to all you traders out there!