Thursday, May 3, 2012

$V chart and entry

7jun - closed out the Visa credit put spread i put on from the B.S. selloff from earnings. about 87% of max profit. already have a july95/100 credit put spread for next opex.

Buy to close the Jun105/110 credit put spreads at .10


3May - now that visa and mastercard have reported, beating numbers, the reaction qualifies as a bullshit selloff (selloff on good numbers).. the DOJ thing is a non event IMO. as of lunchtime the stock is down to the lows from few months ago..not quite to the 114ish area that would have been ideal. not enough premium left in may, so looked to June

Sold the June 105/110 credit put spreads at .78

best case is that the short strike lines up with a support line or moving average, not this time unfortunately, just went with the deltas/probabilities. Trademonster analyse tab shows this spread at 80% probability of max profit at time of entry.