Sunday, May 27, 2012

$ZNGA "fix my trade" segment from OptionsAction

Options Action desk talks about viewer Ashley's ZNGA trade that they need to fix.. kind of corny in my opinion. they could have easily revisited one of the dozen or so trades that they have recommend previously on the show but never mention again and make a trade adjustment, "contant trade updates" they advertise.
So this mythical "Ashley" Sold the July 9 put (cash secured put).. Ashley happened to be available for alot of filming i noticed so she can be included into the lead in setup. melissa shows chart where if she bought shares here paper lose would be $250 vs the $175 paper loss on the put. Just dont like that smirking condescending "we always have good trades tone" they had..laughing it up and the end.. thats one reason i started tracking their trades to show they suck ass as much as the rest of us. here is the video clip znga clip , then there is mikes helpful "you gotta be nimble" type comment, totally not mentioning his own ZNGA trade he had on-air... Mike's On-Air Trades

If you sell a put you have to have the cash set aside to buy the stock if you have to at opex. but most people seem to change their tone when the stock actually drops that much. ashley should consider her tax situation before taking scotts advice of closing out... she could take the loss now (never know, maybe she sold a 20lot, so it could be significant amount) take a loss now, will there be a wash sale, can that loss be used to offset gains...OR if not, then get put that stock at 8 in July.. never know could rebound too.. if you get put the stock then your cost basis is 8. Sell covered calls every month to bring the cost basis down..depends on what your thesis is with the stock...likely move in sympathy with Facebook going just smuggly saying to close it out and take the loss is misguided.

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