Tuesday, May 8, 2012

$CF credit spread expiring at max profit $640

15jun - held this sucker a long time. that support line didnt hold and had a really impressive selloff. sweating bullets a bit when it tested the short strike, but recovered strong and time decay kicked in . crdit spread expired at max profit.
June 150/155 credit put spreads

8may - per my previous setup, was looking for a near 180 to the bottom of previous channel, got close yesterday..dipped under today, didnt catch the bottom was screwing around and missed it.. that would trigger new credit put spread at/below the low from 5mar near 168/ also lines up with 200/150 moving averages...went a bit lower based off of the delta/probabilities... the 150/155 June spread is at 86%probability of max profit according to Trademonster analyse tab.

Sell jun 150/155 credit put spreads at .64