Monday, June 11, 2012

6/11 Fast Money Trade of the Day $NKE - scott

28 jun - with Nike getting crushed after hours on money just happens to have scott nations on the options desk tonight.. and looky looky, he had a Trade of The Day 2weeks ago on NKE, heres tonights clip of the OptionsAction segment on NKE, NKE clip.. and guess mention of it.. should have been melissa saying "hey scott, you had the trade of the day 2weeks ago and its down 20bucks, are you still in it? since some viewers probably bought on your recommendation".. do i smell a fastfire coming soon? do they even do fast fires anymore? not good for ratings to show losing trades. kind of ironic that an Options Action panelist buys stock instead of doing a defined risk options trade on know..."risk less to make more".. as in walk it like you talk it.


11june - fast money tonight has the trade of the day being Nike, here is the video the clip . the video i can summarize as: "blah, blah blah, Olympics, blah blah blah, Lebron James, blah blah blah". had NKE on my watchlist for a while but just didnt have the volitility to get decent option premiums so lost interest in it. will use the price shown in video and add to spreadsheet:

Buy 100shares NKE at 107.46 ($10746)

all of scotts on air trades in google docs spreadsheet

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