Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CLOSING the - 6/6 Fast Money Trade of the Day - $X - mike murphy

7/3 - these trades of the day are going to be hard to track since i dont follow alot of the traders so ill just be posting them and not keeping the spreadsheet on them.. but did catch a tweet from mike murphy today that hes taking profits on X so ill close it out at $21.93 --good trade


6/6 - mike murphy has the Trade of the Day tonight with US Steel , Guy makes a few comments at end of clip also, will enter into the trading spreadsheet using price shown on graphic.

Buy X - 100 shares at $20.03 =$2003

again, this is near 52 week low which is not a shopping list for new entries

Mike Murphy's on-air "Trade of the Day" trades in google docs spreadsheet

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