Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CLOSING - $AAPL credit put spread

19jun - with stock up about $25 bucks since entry, i took profits on this trade, closed the 500/505 at .17 cents for about 79% of max profit. plenty of time left till opex to get back into another apple trade. everyone and their cat is saying we are overbought on market so opportunity might be soon.


5jun - no technical trigger for this entry, just a gut trade. keeping the strikes below that 515/520ish level ive mentioned previously. earnings date unconfirmed, if before opex will likely close this spread prior, depending on where stock is of course

Sell July 500/505 credit put spreads for .80credit


  1. I did $AAPL credit put spread once, also on a gut feeling. Didn't work out at all for me. I have also bought calls/puts, and did much better with them. But, then again, I didn't do any of the technical stuff you did. I did a little based on 1 min chart, with TRIX, FOSC, and SMA(9, 20,50) as indicators. Did ok. Still tweaking and learning. Thanks for the trade idea!

    1. forgot to add: Trademonster shows spread to be 83% probability of max profit at time of entry. so still stayed above my 75%+ rule for this spread