Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Closing the $AAPL credit put spread entry

3july - score one for my gut, with the stock up 16points and some time decay added in, im taking profits on this credit put spread, closing the spread at .14 today for a 75%gain of max profit. stock has had strong last couple days. still have time in July opex to reinitiate this spread if it pulls back because of EU or jobs report.


another gut trade entry for AAPL today, meaning there was no technical trigger for entering the trade. earnings still unconfirmed but last date from was 24th., selecting strikes using probabilities and delta.. have mild support at 550ish so want to stay below that, best level of below 520 is too far away to pay decent enough premium.. trademonster analysis tab shows this spread to be at 88% probability of max profit at time of entry:

Sell the July535/540 credit put spreads at .55

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