Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/5 Fast Money "Trade of the Day" - $MCD - Joe

7jun - Joe made a few comments on twitter reference his MCD trade this morning. appreciate that he acknowledges the price action:

always feel awful when I share a trade w viewers and it bombs out, thats the biz though
plan on holding my $MCD longs but no doubt it looks like a bad trade right now
$MCD not good news this morning, hurts my position - lousy trade on my part

5jun - on tonight Fast Money Trade of the Day segment , Joe has MCD . they seem pressed for time so the clip is short, will enter this trade into my spreadsheet and check back in a while to see how it looks. will use the entry price shown in the video chart looks terrible, havent actually looked at this name in a while. oh damn..did i include a picture of your fat kid... cut those carbs you fatty.

Buy 100 shares at 87.08 = $8708

If i was going to commit $8700 to MCD i would instead buy four Jan2014 70strike calls for nearly same price. but thats only if i had too. which i dont.

Joes Trade of the Day On-air trades in a google docs spreadsheet

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