Monday, June 25, 2012

update to 6/25 Fast Money Trade of the Day - $PCLN - Jim

26jun - jim tweeted a response to question about where his stop was:
a settle above 668 il b out..


25jun - Jim has the trade of the day and its a short of Priceline. heres the video clip PCLN clip . ill use the price shown in the graphic, im sure he shorted higher but he didnt mention price. said next stop is 600.. that fat crayon level is pretty close to the gap fill from few months back, hard to tell on this chart but still 3-4dollar gap.. i just missed getting a DITM leap entry when it hit 600 area few weeks ago.. will relook if it does drop back.. its a fast mover so i hope he has come call or call spreads as hedge. Jims on-air "trade of the day" trades in a google docs spreadsheet

Short 100 shares at $651.65

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